When the title of "events coordinator" falls into your job description on top of everything else that's weighing your plate down, we understand that you have very little time to organize your retreat or extracurricular excursion. All you really need is for all the people in your group to have a good time and stick to the main agenda. However, what initially looked like just a few simple steps can suddenly become huge checklists overnight for most event planners like yourself.

It's tempting to think you can do most of this stuff yourself to save money, but do you really have time for that? We've seen a lot of people push themselves over the edge trying to spend less by doing more, but that approach usually ends in accidentally overlooking important details and spirals into endless problems. Get a smoother trip through the city known as the "Modern Athens of America" that can save you lots of transportation-related trouble and won't kill your organization's budget. Just ask as here at the Boston Charter Bus Company to be there for you.

We can get your group anywhere you need to go efficiently and quickly, making your job a whole lot simpler. Let us help if you're planning a club field trip or college class trip to or from one of Boston's many colleges like Harvard University, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, Boston University, Brandeis University, the Berklee College of Music or other schools around Boston. We also love shuttling people to attend or participate in Boston's exciting sporting events. Plus, we have experience supporting non-profit organizations and other groups who simply want to host a special retreat in or near Boston.

You have so much to look forward to on your upcoming Boston trip. You can watch the Boston College Eagles football team play at Alumni Stadium in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood for some exciting NCAA action, just six miles from downtown Boston.


Some of you may even be rugby fans, and Boston is the perfect place to experience it. For those of you who don't know, rugby is the international version of American football that began in the early 1800s, and it's famous for having players who don't wear helmets or other heavy gear on the field. This corner of New England often gets excited about seeing the Boston College Rugby Football Club play at Mystic River Rugby Club's home field in Pine Banks Park.

No matter what your plans are, the Boston Charter Bus Company will get your group to that big event all at once and on time. Our bus-rental process is easy. All you need to do is send us a copy of your trip itinerary, and our professional drivers will plan the perfect route for you. Riding together helps make sure that no one becomes lost or feels left out, and people also get the chance to connect more with each other during the ride.

The smaller charter buses we deliver provide cozy seating for up to 18 passengers; the larger buses do so for up to 56 passengers. You can expect all of your favorite things for road trips in vehicles we provide: plush seats, surround-sound stereos, adjustable air-conditioning vents, extra leg room, lots of storage space, free Wi-Fi internet, power outlets to charge your devices, floor lighting and even flat-screen televisions. All these amenities will help your group make the most out of their ride. Our goal is to give your club or association a great time while providing the most reliable service possible.

If you're planning an overnight retreat at a great location like Spirit Fire Retreat Center in Boston's serene suburbs with your church group or other non-profit charity, let us help ensure that all your members get there happily without the extra stress of navigating traffic or figuring out the itinerary they just lost by mistake. We know exactly what it takes to help organize your group and get them on the road. Then when you arrive at your main destination, you save time by knowing that everyone you need is right there and all at the same time. No more must you wait around while people roll up in different vehicles or arrive late.


Best of all, our drivers all have high-level training and certifications while also knowing the Boston area extremely well. That means you'll have the safest drive possible. All you need to do next is call us at 617-848-1249 to get a free quote on your next charter-bus rental to make your group trip in Boston a fun success. Everyone can walk away from this event with good memories; let us help.