You have two important ways to boost attendance for your next big corporate event. First, pick a place where your employees would love to go that's easily accessible for them. The location has to have plenty of good hotels and restaurants nearby too. Secondly, you need to make transportation to the event as streamlined as possible. Nobody wants to scramble around searching for last-minute transportation in a busy city, especially not during rush-hour traffic.

Luckily, Boston has an incredible selection of venues for your corporate gathering with plenty of fine hotels and exquisite dining options all throughout the city. It's easy for anyone near the East Coast to catch a flight into the Boston Logan International Airport too, making it a highly accessible location. Finally, we've got all the management tools here at the Boston Charter Bus Company to make the ideal vehicles available for you. We'll handle airport pickups, drop offs and take care of your convention's transportation needs. We know how valuable your time is, so we're always punctual and deliver reliable, certified drivers and vehicles every time. We take pride in our jobs, and it shows. Our customers consistently review us as one of the highest-rated transportation services in Boston.

We understand how much preparation time and planning goes into arranging your corporate event. That's exactly why we feel that the last thing you need to worry about on top of everything else is ground transportation. However, many businesses tend to overlook local event transportation until the last minute. That mistake leads to all kinds of additional problems like having many colleagues all call you at the same time because they're lost, late or find themselves held up in traffic. Especially if you're inviting a well-known guest to be your keynote speaker, that's the last person you want to lose due to poor transportation planning! Avoid all of these nightmares by letting us at the Boston Charter Bus Company manage your transportation needs so that you always have your people right where you need them, and at the right time too.


You'll find many great reasons why top companies like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, HubSpot Inc.,, Raytheon and Constant Contact all have their headquarters in Boston. Entrepreneur magazine online named Cambridge, located in the greater Boston metroplex, as one of the best cities to move to if you want to launch your own business because so much venture capital is available here, especially in the fields of biotechnology and education.

Set a professional tone for your enterprise's training seminar, marketing event or trade show by calling us to charter top-quality vehicles. The Boston Charter Bus Company offers everything from 18-passenger Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans to 56-passenger charter buses. We offer budget-friendly booking also. Just let us know your itinerary plans and guest-list size, and we'll give you a quick analysis of how many vehicles to charter in which size to maximize the value of your booking. The professional drivers you'll receive are prepared to handle the transportation for all of your arrivals and departures too so that you'll make excellent first and last impressions on your peers. Since the vehicles we give you are also quite spacious, we even have room inside to store everyone's luggage plus all the equipment you need to set up your booths, give presentations and carry all those free handouts you've arranged too.

The premium amenities we offer include surround-sound stereos, free Wi-Fi internet, plush seats that recline, LED lighting along the walkway, high-quality video screens to watch movies and pristine bathrooms in the larger buses. Combine all these top-notch features with our years of experience in managing corporate-event transportation, and you have the perfect combination for a successful business trip.


Call the Boston Charter Bus Company today at 617-848-1249 to start the process of chartering your vehicle. We have representatives available 24/7 to answer your questions and give you a fast, free quote. Speak to us today to make your booking right away. Reserve our most popular buses before someone else does.